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We are committed to providing the absolute best quality to each and every one of our customers. Over the last 20 years, since our start, we’ve continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give you, the customer, a winning service that you can rely on.


About ranpal photography

We offer a specialized approach to our photography, capturing intimate details that are ordinarily overlooked by the naked eye. We enhance each session and photograph to fully capitalize on mood, dimension and the realistic portrayal of beauty in every scene.

Our years of experience has given us an opportunity to help others rekindle a relationship with the beauty of photography. No matter what occasion or background, we are the best at bringing stills to life. Whatever the specialty, we’ve got it covered.

See What We Can Offer


Don’t just tie the knot without a photographer present. Our wedding photos will ensure that the moment lasts forever.


You’ve been needing gorgeous photos to compliment your portfolio. We’re here to capture them for you.


Pick a spot and we’ll be there. Our photographers are trained to shoot outdoors; to help capture your love of nature.

Customer Testimonials

Steve Vdal

“These guys know how to get the job done. From runway to print, they always deliver on time, within budget and with spectacular photos. Every time we use them it’s a great experience.”

Scot Foley

“It’s a wonderful thing when you know your designs will look fabulous in print. Our campaigns are always beautifully done by Wedge. We tell them the concept and they take it from there. We’ve never been disappointed with their services.”

Karen KCraft

“I can’t remember a time when we haven’t used Wedge. They have an imaginative way of creating the best environments to capture our models. They always do a fantastic job.”

Melanie Skott

“We always go to Wedge for our Fashion Week photos. They have a way of taking a design line and making each photo look like a different outfit, even if it was the same one! There is no other alternative than to use the best – Resolve.”